How You Can Help

How can you help

Due to Humla’s remoteness, development has not been implemented. The region is lacking in every aspect, education, medical facilities, electricity, drinking water and so on. This is even in comparison to other areas of Nepal.

Activities to date

In 2009 ‘Kailash Humla Children Home’ initiated their services by funding the travel expenses of nine children from the Humla Region. Food, lodging and health care has been provided in Kathmandu. Having the children educated in Kathmandu was the very first step in opening the door to education for this underdevelopment region.

In 2012, we have been able to return the children to own region of Humla and expand the care to 55 children. The children now have an English and Nepali teacher, a Tibetan teacher and a caretaker and cook.

Kailash Humla Children Foundation Board

Looking towards the future

17//07/2012 completed school hostel building 9 rooms. Our planing to construction kitchen,dinning, store room and extra three class room. The local estimated costs details of construction.

Kitchen/Dining and store room

S.N.                 Particular    No. Quantity    Rate  Amount/ NPR
1  Kitchen room building  level flat land 1 14×16/18X24/14X16 100,000
2  Stone 1 41 chatta 10000 410,000
3  Furniture, beam, door, window etc. 950qft 550 522,500
4 Mason 3 1,500 270,000
5 Labor 3 1000 180,000
6 Roof teen 135 1200 180,000
7 Cement 1 10bags 2000 20,000
8 Sand 1 30bags 450 13,500
9 Transportation 3700kg 45 166,500
10 Final finishing inside window glasses, plaster and furniture etc. 175,000
Total NPR 2,037,500



How to get involved

Looking for a gift for someone? Why not make it a meaningful gift? We have made up some Thankyou gift cards. To donate, send us the persons details, amount you wish to spend and we will send them a Gift card.

Examples of what your money could do:

  • $7.50 provides lunch for 1 child for 1 month
  • $20 provides the caretakers wage for 1 week, the caretaker lives with the children, he is responsible for housekeeping and maintaining children’s health and hygiene.
  • $43 provides the English teachers wage for 1 week
  • $48 provides the Tibetan teachers wage for 1 week
  • $52 rents the house and living space for 15 children, 1 caretaker, 1 cook and 1 supervisor
  • $255 covers the complete expenses of the children’s home for 1 week, This Includes Tibetan, English and Nepali teachers, Caretaker, Cook, Lunch and the Rental of the house and living space.


  • Monetary Donations and funding.
  • Sponsoring a child for an education.
  • Sponsoring for medical treatment.
  • Supporting one poor family.
  • Volunteer services as Teacher and Adviser.
  • Clothes and Stationery Donations etc.
  • Support any of the ‘Kailash Humla Children’s Home-Australia’ fundraising activities

If you could help us in achieving any of these goals, no matter how small your contribution is, your support would change the lives of many!

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