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Humla School

The foundation focuses on three primary areas: Child Education & Health, and Cultural Preservation.

  • Education: We strive to provide educational facilities including support to the disadvantaged children of Humla, Nepal.
  • Health: We aim to establish proper medical facilities with a robust infrastructure to improve the health and wellness of the Humla societies.
  • Cultural Preservation: We strive to preserve the cultural traditions of Humla district, keeping those that are alive and well, and revitalizing those that have waned or degenerated.



Education help for children

We endeavor to provide educational help for children and support to the disadvantaged children of Humla. According to UN convention, Education is the right for children and a crucial impact on the training of children. Generally, education tutors the minds to control, discipline, to order direct and rule. Education and learning in the regular perception are disciplining the conduct of a person. It is a continuous process which must be conducted in a conducive environment.

A conducive environment for teaching will allow sound attention and develops the mental psyches which will enable them to learn fast. So we always desperate to provide educational help for children in Humla, Nepal. Now when we are talking about a favorable environment, it will involve good chairs, tables, toilets, and other infrastructures.

Education help for children

Children’s Education Fund for quality education

Quality education for children means prepared to spend more money for educational materials and infrastructures. Our first plan is to get decent a conducive building to teach and resting place (a hostel) for the children. Previous generations in Humla never received a modern education. These days, the majority of our people are without modern education; many are illiterate and cannot even write their names. We can do something new to change the future. Thus, our goal is to provide an education to our young people so that they are spared from experiencing such difficulty as their parents and grandparents experienced. Instead, these children have the opportunity to flourish in the future. To accomplish these all, we’ll need Children’s Education Fund and sponsorship from our sponsors and well-wishers.┬áIn general, these are our plans for supporting education in Humla.

Education help for children


Child health foundation

Every child has to be given the best health care. This is crucial for his or her intellectual development. At an infant stage and when growing up a child needs proper diet, not just any food you find around or repeating the same kind of food, undoubtedly this will cause malnutrition of the child. All said and done a healthy environment is very crucial to guide against an epidemic. Our people have suffered much due to the lack of health care, balanced food, and proper medical facilities/treatment/infrastructure.

Child health foundation

Kailash Humla Children’s Foundation wants to establish clinics to improve this situation through our Child Health Foundation. But we cannot afford the expenses and costs of developing a hospital. We have a strong desire to help and save the lives of the people of Humla. For the achievement of our vision, we need help and support from our foreign friends and INGOs. We’d also want to establish a Tibetan clinic because many medicinal herbs are growing in and around Muchu. At present, the people lack the knowledge that would enable them to make good use of these herbs. If we were to establish a Tibetan clinic, we would be able to harness the healing potential of these herbs and benefit many people.

Any help or support in any form from world health organization, corporate bodies, individuals in the provision of vitamins drug, blood tonics, anti-malaria drugs, smallpox, polio drugs, with the equipment used to implement the use of the drugs is essential and welcome for our child health foundation. It is much more than saving a life, and it is like developing the poor and needy life of poor and uneducated families of Humla.

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